What pictorial techniques to use in painting?

While a Statista poll reveals that listening to music is the favorite activity of 87% of French people, what about painting?

Painting a painting can decompress and have fun on his free time. In silence or in music, artists paint their emotions or what they find beautiful. But what technique to use? Oil painting ? Watercolor painting?

Learn to paint with watercolor
Great favorite of nature lovers and travel, watercolor is a technique that is growing in the world of art.

Yet this has not always been the case.

Old as Herod, watercolor painting has long been perceived as a technique reserved for study. In other words, it was used to prepare the real work that was then painted with oil paint or acrylic paint.

But watercolor is now recognized and used as a true technique in its own right. We also call painters, watercolorists.

Courses and painting courses are regularly organized to learn how to draw and learn to paint a still life, a landscape, a portrait, a tree, etc.

Watercolor is different from other paintings because it is a watercolor painting. This is what makes all the specificity of watercolor classes.

To paint in watercolor, you need a little paint and a lot of water. Its ease of transport and the lack of necessary material makes it the favorite painting of the nomads. Just slide the box of paint, leaves and a brush into the bag, and go for adventure.

However, be careful to use the watercolor well. The paint reacts to water. That is to say, if you put water on a layer of dry paint, it will become wet and can mix with your next layer.

This is a disadvantage but also an advantage since you can then rework your painting as you want.

To learn how to use them and know all the techniques of watercolor, you can contact private teachers or take classes in art studio or other. Drawing teachers are artists who know a lot of tips to help you learn painting.