The best tips for buying the right drawing tool

Whether you are a painter, a house painter or an art painter, a major dilemma brings all the artists together: the choice of paintbrushes to paint.

The different techniques for painting – water painting, acrylic painting, glycerol painting, so-called oil painting – involve practicing with different brushes.

In music, whether you buy a Fender, a Gibson, a Yamaha or a Takamine, each guitar has its specificities (nylon or metal strings, mahogany, ebony and rosewood, etc.) and leads to a different style of play.

The same goes for art painting: each technique to paint and each way of painting involves choosing different brushes, discriminated according to their hair, their sleeve, the type of tip, shape, weight or size.

But, on the internet or in an art store, choosing brushes to paint can be like walking in a labyrinth: there are thousands of all shapes, sizes and prices!

To simplify the process of choosing my brushes, I make two major distinctions: the type of bristles whose brush is made and the shape.