Tips and tricks to practice watercolor well

In painting, there is no formula, especially for watercolor. Everything is workable. Here are tips and tricks to follow if you want to get started in a watercolor creation or if you want to enrich your experiences. Do not hesitate to put them into practice to practice and to bring a particular touch to your achievements.

Some tips to start painting a watercolor
To begin with your watercolor creation, first of all, do not just be guided by your intuition, at the risk of discouraging you quickly. Practice following courses or courses. To do this, you can integrate associations or choose havens not far from you who specialize in the field of watercolor. If not, you can use the use of an educational book that provides the most tips and advice. As for the subjects, by being beginner, start by imitating a creation, this one having been realized with a technique already interpreted. Besides, it will be easier for you, instead of inventing. Then, little by little, you can start from a photo and continue to paint outdoors by describing landscapes or nature. Note that, being a novice, it is a mistake to want to start with subjects containing perspective if you do not have a precise perception, or with characters or portraits that are difficult subjects.

Keys to success: having good material and perseverance
Above all, try to have quality materials, especially for your brushes and paper. Indeed, with low-end hardware, your watercolor creation may not be a success. In addition, find extra-fine paints. And as it was said above, start with an imitation. But if you want to play on your intuition, choose topics at the height of your level. In this way you will have an acceptable result from the beginning. Then you have to practice from time to time if you want to evolve to particular and more complicated creations, knowing that you may have sometimes not desirable results too. But in such situations, do not panic and do not insist on retouching. The best would be to start again because to paint a watercolor is also a hobby.